Our training philosophy is based on good behavioral science and humane standards of care.  We believe in developing good behavior through trust, your dog's motivators and clear interspecies communication.

Woofs to Wags offers rewards-based training for you and your dog.  We are highly knowledgeable regarding puppy issues, including how to prepare your home, housebreaking, crate training and socialization.  We are experienced with fearful, anxious and reactive dogs.

We also provide recommendations and support on behavioral issues that arise with other species (e.g. out-of-the-box elimination in felines).

Initial Consult

All training clients must first schedule an initial training consult, which is usually two hours.  During the Initial Consult we perform an in-depth analysis of your dog's history and your key concerns so we may devise a customized plan.  The Initial Consult is $115

Individual Coaching

Once we have identified your priorities and your dog's most pressing needs, we will devise a series of visits appropriate to those needs and priorities, working in and near your home with you and your family.  Individual coaching sessions are $85 per hour.

Day Training

Don't have the time to work with your dog every day?  Let us come in and do some of the heavy lifting for you.  We require a consistent weekly schedule for effective day training and at least one Individual Coaching session each month to show you how to maintain your dog's good behavior.  In certain select cases, we are happy to provide day training in collaboration with another qualified, rewards-based trainer you have already hired.   Day training sessions are $45 for 30 minutes

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