Woofs to Wags Professional Pet Care Team Members are trained in pet and human first aid and CPR, dog and cat body language, dog play and fight protocols, positive reinforcement and low-stress, rewards-based methods of handling and walking.  We specialize in positively reinforcing polite walking and basic manners throughout the course of our visits. 

We recognize that every time someone interacts with your dog, behavior, health and well-being are being influenced, whether intentionally or not, and we are committed to supporting your dog's positive experiences of his or her environment.

Our regular dog walking clients are the core of our business.  A consistent weekly schedule allows us to build a relationship with your dog, the critical foundation for good behavior.

Private Dog Walking

Our weekly private walking clients are normally visited between 11 am and 3 pm, Monday through Friday for up to 30 minutes of exercise, play and love.  These midday walks are perfect for the busy professional whose dog needs some relief and company during their long workday.  Private dog walking starts at $25/visit.

Pack Walking

Our "pack" or group walks are generally longer than a regular private walk and  appropriate for dogs who are well-socialized, already progressing well with polite walking, and ready to commit to a regular schedule of at least three weekdays each week.  We carefully screen dogs for pack walks according to size, play style and their readiness, so we may require your dog to spend some time with us building walking skills on private walks before he or she is eligible.  Pack walks are scheduled between 9 am and 4 pm and start at $28/dog.

Ad Hoc Walks / Custom Housetraining Schedules

On a limited basis, we offer Ad Hoc Walks and tighter schedules for dogs struggling with their housetraining.  We can make several quick visits during your working day to help your new pup or rescue get crate training and housetraining right!   As with all of our offerings, scheduling regularly and consistently empowers us to best help your dog.   Our trainers are happy to work with you and guide you through how best to structure a schedule appropriate to your dog, and we are also happy to collaborate with other qualified trainers committed to rewards-based methods.

Included with each visit:

  • Love
  • Exercise
  • Feeding and fresh water
  • Some reinforcement of basic manners and commands your pet already "knows"
  • Waste scooping/disposal
  • GPS Check-Ins
  • e-Visit report (often with photo)

We're happy to consult with you to determine the best care plan and schedule for your needs and budget. 

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